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About New Vision University

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The New Vision University is a Georgian Semi Private Research University. It is located in Tbilisi,

The Medical Doctor’s program of the New Vision University was granted accreditation by Resolution No: 156 of Educational Program Accreditation Board, dated 5 November 2013. NVU is correlated with higher educational institute of outside the country like in UK. NVU is staffed with over 400 professor, scholars and practitioners. New Vision University admits more than 100 Indian students every year and than 25 countries participates in the admission process.

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital aims to provide medical service based on individual needs and ethical values through the implementation of treatment methods at the international standards. Development, implementation and enhancement of quality of medical practices are carried out along with educational and research programs.

The New Vision University

The hospital is a rare exception in the reality of Georgia, which is established as a nonprofit legal entity and operates for the benefit of the public.

New Vision University is recognized by Medical council of India (MCI). Mode of teaching is fully English not a single lecture is in other language.

The students pursuing MBBS in Georgia Europe can pursue their internship and further studies in 47 countries under LISBON CONVENTION.

Students are given the opportunity to do the practical, experiments and clinical clerkship from 1st Semester onwards.

The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.

The quality of accommodation in hostels is very good and Indian food is readily served at the hostels which given a homely feeling to the Indian students.

MBBS (MD) Studying in Georgia is very affordable and cheaper as compared to India. The universities focus on skill developing that make sure the students have got a fair knowledge of the medical terms, where they will merge together with the training perfectly.

RMC Educational Service Center assures that students can take admission for MD program with full confidence. RMC offers all information and assistance to students who wish to enroll for MBBS course in New Vision University, Georgia (Europe)


Hospital Departments

  • Department of Surgical Disease
  • Outpatient-Diagnostic department
  • Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • M. Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology Department
  • Department of Internal Medicine

Program (Qualification):

  • MD

ECTS / Duration:

  • 360 credits / 5 or 6 years, upon student's choice and performance