South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

About South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

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South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA) was established in 1979. It is accredited and officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The University has a modern infrastructure for educational and scientific activities. It always looks forward to developing a modern foundation to strengthen the material and technical resources for scientific research laboratories.

SKMA is a brilliant medical school, which aims to offer high quality of medical and pharmaceutical education to the students at all levels. The teaching staff always tries to update and upgrade themselves to provide the best knowledge and skills to the students; to do so clinical activities are organized for teaching staff as well. The University organizes educational programs for the students to provide them with the environment for their professional growth and provide knowledge to them about the modern terms in the market.

Student Life

Students in Kazan State Medical University can choose to stay at any of the university’s hostels or rent a flat anywhere in city. The hostels provided by KSMU are top notch and offer 2 & 3 students in one room options. The hostels are equipped with modern security facilities, CCTV surveillance systems, fire alarm safety and round the clock security. Boys and girls are allotted separate floors and blocks in hostels. All floors have common washrooms & kitchens where students can prepare their food. All rooms are equipped with study table, study chair, lamps, wardrobes, bed, bed sheets, pillows, etc. The rooms are kept ready before the arrival of students. The number of seats in KSMU hostels is limited and they are allotted on first come first serve basis and students are allotted rooms by university administration. Strict rules are followed in hostel keeping in mind the concern of foreign students for their own safety. The university allows students to either stay in university hostel or they can also rent a flat in city and their hostel fees in this case is refunded back to them. Students who opt to stay in university hostels while studying in Kazan State Medical University do not have to pay any utility bills (electricty, hot & cold water, cooking gas, etc.) separately, as compared to students who rent a flat outside in city and have to pay for electricity, water & all other amenities separately in addition to the monthly rent.

In SKMA, the educational quality matches the international level. The students are offered to participate in various activities like seminars, conferences, projects etc to enhance their exposure towards modern developments of medicine world. The University fulfills the basic amenities necessary for the students to study in a convivial environment. The hostel is guarded round the clock and is under constant camera surveillance. There is a well-equipped library for the students.

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