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Kazan State Medical University (KSMU)is the Top universities of Russia for MBBS it was established in 1814, however the order for establishment of a university in Kazan was passed in year 1804. It belongs to the scientific research of the ministry of health of Russia & ministry of higher education system of Russia. It is also recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) & MCI (Medical Council of India). Kazan State Medical University acquired the status of university in year 1994. According to the ARES ranking, it is among the top 3 MBBS colleges in Russia. Kazan State Medical University has always been a top notch destination for foreigners and especially for Indian students seeking admission in medical colleges in Russia. It currently have more than 1,000 foreign students studying in medical faculty with most of them being Indians. The university has dozens of government hospitals under it and students get the opportunity to take practical classes and acquire clinical skills during their later years of course. The university pays equal importance to research work and students are also allowed to take part in these projects. The university has well equipped and maintained hostels with all advanced facilities for accommodation of foreign and Indian students from all over the world.

With more than 200 years since the inception of medical faculty, How to Get Direct Admission in MBBS in Kazan State Medical University Russia the university is undoubtedly one of the best MBBS colleges in Russia. Students from more than 60 different countries are currently enrolled and are studying in Kazan State Med. University. Apart from the international community of students at KSMU, the university also has students from almost every state of Russia too studying in it’s medical and other faculties. The university takes immense pride in stating that it is considered one of the best university among young students today and is gaining more popularity each day. The Kazan State Medical University is offering top notch MBBS course to students from India at a very handsome fees as compared to the average MBBS fees in Russia of other colleges. The duration of MBBS course in English medium at university of of 6 years. During the first 3 years, students spend most of the time in acquiring theoretical knowledge, while the last 3 years are fully dedicated to clinical classes which involves a lot of hospital visits and interaction with patients. Kazan State Med. University also conducts annual cultural and sports events for international students to help bring out their talent.Celebration of Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid is also organized by university administration every year and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and celebrate with joy. Apply for MBBS Admission in Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University  Approved by MCI (Medical Council of India)has the following faculties : Medical Faculty, Prophylactic Medicine, Pediatric Faculty, Dental Faculty, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Social Work and Management & Nursing Faculty. Among all these faculties, medical faculty of Kazan attracts the most number of foreign students each year as this faculty is available in both mediums of instruction i.e. English and Russian. Mostly all students are enrolled in the English medium only but those who wish to study in Russian medium are also welcome. The teachers and professors involved in training students at university are highly experienced in their fields of teaching and very proficient in speaking English with more than 13 years of teaching experience in English to international students. International Students studying MBBS in Kazan State Medical University have various options to take part in exchange programs offered by university with other countries and can travel with teachers to other countries for the same during their summer vacations. KSMU welcomes all eligible students to become part of it by taking MBBS admission in Russia and create a bright future for themselves. Kazan State Medical University Russia - to know more about MBBS Admission in Kazan State Medical University and Fee Structure and Faculties please call us. MBBS Fee Structure of Kazan State Medical University is very easy. Students can also do post-graduation from Kazan State Medical University after completion of their MBBS in Russia.

How to Get MBBS Admission in Kazan State Medical University(KSMU)


  • 50% marks in PCB in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December
  • NEET qualification mandatory

Duration & Medium

  • Duration of Course : 6 Years
  • Medium of Instruction : English


Study in Kazan State Medical University

How to Get Direct Admission in MBBS in Kazan State Medical University Russia, Students in Kazan State Medical University can choose to stay at any of the university’s hostels or rent a flat anywhere in city. The hostels provided by KSMU are top notch and offer 2 & 3 students in one room options. The hostels are equipped with modern security facilities, CCTV surveillance systems, fire alarm safety and round the clock security. Boys and girls are allotted separate floors and blocks in hostels. All floors have common washrooms & kitchens where students can prepare their food. All rooms are equipped with study table, study chair, lamps, wardrobes, bed, bed sheets, pillows, etc. The rooms are kept ready before the arrival of students. The number of seats in KSMU hostels is limited and they are allotted on first come first serve basis and students are allotted rooms by university administration. Strict rules are followed in hostel keeping in mind the concern of foreign students for their own safety. The university allows students to either stay in university hostel or they can also rent a flat in city and their hostel fees in this case is refunded back to them. Students who opt to stay in university hostels while studying in Kazan State Medical University do not have to pay any utility bills (electricty, hot & cold water, cooking gas, etc.) separately, as compared to students who rent a flat outside in city and have to pay for electricity, water & all other amenities separately in addition to the monthly rent.

Kazan is the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation. The Kazan Kremlin in Kazan was recently been declared as a World Heritage Site. Kazan is commonly known as the 3rd Capital City of Russia and also the Sports Capital of Russia due it’s active participation in sports and also due to it’s history of hosting international sports events. In 2013, Kazan had hosted the 2013 Summer Universiade. In 2014, it hosted the Word Fencing Championships. In 2015, it hosted the World Aquatics Championships. In 2017, it hosted the World Gymnastics Championships. And above all, Kazan also hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The city is one of the largest financial and industrial centre of Russia with main industries being mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, petrochemicals & food industry. The city has very well maintained public transport system including trams, trolley buses, buses, metro & taxis. Being the 3rd largest city of Russia, it is connected with all major cities of Russia through road, rail & air transport. The city has an international airport too with flights direct to Delhi and Mumbai too. There are more than 40 institutes of higher education in Kazan with Kazan State Medical University being one of them. The city is very peaceful and also a major tourist attraction for foreigners. Students from India who have passed out from Kazan in past, have said that the time they spent in this beautiful city was one of the best times of their lives.