About Us


About Us

Study MBBS in Ukraine

SHINE GROUP is a reputed education consultancy firm in North India. We provide customised attention to educate career decision and developments. We Assist our students & their parents with comprehensive guideline. Our Assistance is transparent, efficient and 100% satisfactory.


To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our students, employees, associates and society at large. Assisting students implementation of decision by learning how to conduct plan for graduate or professional school. Providing students about the university selection and assisting for professional admission. Providing hassle free process of getting- foreign education.

Advantages Of Shine Group

  • 100% Admission : We guarantee admission to the chosen universities upto personal option & future occupation once the applicant has clearly chosen the institution to join & send the documents with the personal & academic data.
  • Guaranteed Visa :We guarantee each & very the full support while applying & getting student visa. The applicant will before all receive Invitation for study. The visa process will be shortly afterwards provided with all necessary information & service requested in order to get in touch with the embassy in applicant's native country.
  • Payment Protection : One should in any condition rely on our company safe & transparent. All necessary facilities to keep & protect payments, required under application & admission procedure to all above mentioned countries universities.
  • Lowest Price : Whereas we guarantee you affordable price for education we cooperate with the universities. So that one applying to study in above countries on behalf of shine group. We provide best fees structure with fully satisfaction.
  • Full Service :All services necessary starting from the application stage and subsequently while getting invitation for study, obtaining student visa at the embassy, arriving to airport, registering at the university, shifting to hostel (or renting a flat) supplying everyday needs there after till the graduation of our students.